Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Eve:)

I made 10 cards tonite!! And I made 3 LAST night!! The "Blessed" Card was made for my aunt, Granny and PaPa, Daycare Provider, Mom and Dad, and Grandparents. The other card with the poinsettia was made as an invitation to my annual Christmas dinner for my family. One Saturday every December I have 12 of my family members come over for dinner just to visit and have a great time. My aunt always comes and we exchange presents with her since she spends her holidays at home in Danville, Va. I look forward to it every year. Last year, this Thanksgiving weekend, we got a new Dining room suite. I LOVE to entertain. It's a lot of people and it makes it tight sometimes but we manage to have lots of fun together. I think Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year. I got married in Decemer and this year, I'll be in Disney World. My parents are going with us and staying in the same condos, right next door. I can't wait. They've already said they're paying us to babysit that night:) I don't want their money but that's really saying something about how bad they want to keep him, huh? We are truely blessed! We watched Charlotte's Webb tonite.

It was so cute! Hunter LOVED it because he loves the farm animals and Daddy made us some popcorn..yum yum. Well, gotta go to bed for my big day tomorrow. Having lunch at 12 and dinner at 4, still need to make my casserole and dessert tomorrow morning, color my hair and then just get ready, maybe clean a little. I know I'll be going to bed early tomorrow night, if I even go to bed. Just depends on what time we decide to get to Best Buy this year. We have a list of things to get for mostly other people. Some things for us but a camera, 2 computers, 2 moniters, an external hard drive, memory card and then the fun stuff..dvds etc. Wish the SLR camera I wanted was on sale but I have some patience on that one:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve!!

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