Sunday, November 26, 2006

This weekend seems more like a week:)

WOW! What a weekend. It was nice having 2 extra days! I feel like I've been off a week...But didn't get as much as I wanted to get done. Did have a nice time though. I stayed home most of Saturday and pulled everything out. Mike got everything down from the attic before we decided we'd like to look at maybe getting a artificial tree with lights. We looked everywhere but couldn't find one we LOVED. So came home, put Hunter down for a nap and I got stuff done while Mike helped his aunt with her new computer. Skipped church Sunday since we went to our neighbor's Holiday Open House. They're moving soon after the New Year and we are going to miss them so much!! Had a great time and didn't even take my camera...What's wrong with this picture?! They know me so well; they couldn't believe it either;) This is my new fireplace rug I got from Lowe's. My other one had really had it and we use our fireplace so much, I wanted a rug to protect our carpet. (even if we are replacing it next year!!) I love snowman and hopefully, can use it during Winter, not just the holidays. Also got 4 miniature dwarf Alberta Spruces for the front and back porch. My other ones died; I think I forgot to water them so these I really have to take care of...
I got most of the decorating done in my house but will definitely finish Monday night. It was fun decorating. I had my new Ipod Docking station in the living room playing while I was "decking he halls". I'm taking it to work though, tomorrow. I got it on sale Friday...Should have gotten one for Mike. REALLY COOL! I finished my mantle but will probably be updating tomorrow. I got stuff to make a new Christmas wreath for over my fireplace that has mauve and gold poinsettia flowers, mauve Christmas ball ornaments and a beautiful matching bow to top it off. I think I'll have enough of the ornaments for the mantle too but have to make the wreath first tomorrow. My mom made the bow for me since she is so good at it. I can make them but she took a class and is really good at it. She's supposed to show me how to do it but until then, she makes my bows for me. I made all my wreaths though. The one I'm making tomorrow is just like one I saw at Michaels but didn't want to pay $60 for it. I'll make it for a little over $25! WOW!!! I'm all about saving a buck!! (especially at Christmas)

I also finished my Dining room cleaning and decorating. I cleaned all my glass, dusted, ( I HATE DUSTING:) and then decorated. I love my dining room. I love to entertain with family and friends so it has really been put to good use. I just got it last year and really love to decorate in there for the different seasons. I got the candles and stand last year really cheap at JCPenney's. The greenery is leftovers from my tree from Lowe's they gave me and the poinsettia was a gift. I love it!! And it's perfect on the stand, away from Hunter's reach since I think they are poisonous. We're thinking about having a little snack party this Sunday before going to Grand Illuminations. Some friends from work are going with us and I can't wait!! (I've never been and live 10 minutes away!!) We got Hunter a new Nativity set made by Veggie Tales. He LOVES the Veggie Tales and we want him to know the real reason for the season. He really likes it too. He recognizes Larry and Baby Jesus:) We've had fun. It's on my leaning book shelf and right at his eye level. (I'll post more pics later when everything around it is clean:) I didn't post pictures yet of my tree because I need to vacume and get everything done around it but will tomorrow. When I went to my mom's tonite so she could make my bow she had hers all finished. She got an artificial tree with lights last year and it's really pretty. We looked around Saturday for one but couldn't find one for a decent price that we liked enough so bought a real one again. I LOVE a real tree. The smell is so good and the lights are a pain in the butt!! So, we are going to look for one at the end of the season. But we love our real tree. It's over 7 feet tall and so pretty. We got it from Lowe's, the last couple years and always been pleased!! Hunter had fun helping us..He ran off with my 70's Santa and was laughing hysterically!! Before we had the lights on, he picked up some of the balls and put them on the tree! (he was very careful with them but they were all in one spot!! HILARIOUS!!) He had fun looking at all the stuff around him in the living room. It made me nervous though, since I have more to do...Feel like I'll never finish!!. After finishing the tree, I was so tired. Tomorrow, I have to vacume, put away the boxes in the attic, make my wreath, and plan my menu for Saturday. Also, need to do some last minute planning for our Disney trip...December 9th we leave and we can't wait!! My parents are going with us and it's going to be a blast!! My brother is going to meet us there for most of the time but has to go back Wednesday!! It's going to be a dream come true trip. It's terrible to say but you never know what the future holds or when God calls you home, or even if we will ever have the opportunity to do another trip together. I just want to make sure I take lots of pictures and really live for the moment. Sorry, sounds cheesy I know but we have just had fun this weekend and I guess I think about those things. Hunter was wonderful this weekend, especially more loving. He kept coming up to us and wrapping his arms around our leg to hug us...What a feeling. I kept kissing him. His skin is so soft, he smells so good and he is just so cute!! I couldn't help getting lots of cuddly pics today. He's modeling his new pajamas. He even says "CHEESE" now every time I take a picture...what a ham:) Well, see you tomorrow.. And should have the last pictures of my tree, my front porch and the front of the house and my updated mantle. I think I might even change my blog header but needed to get a Christmas shot first. Take care and have a GREAT Monday!!


Cheryl Wray said...

Your decorating looks wonderful! I especially love the tree-just beautiful! and that Veggie Tales nativity set is TOO cute!!
I'm hoping to get started on my decorating sometime this week! I'm ready!!!

chris jenkins said...

love all the wonderful Christmas decorations - the tree is gorgeous!

i have never seen a Veggie Tales nativity - that is awesome - my son would go nuts about that!

also love the Christmas beautiful music - that is one of my favorite selections for the holiday season

Anonymous said...

Omgosh my dd would go CRAZY for that veggie tales nativity set!!